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Starting off with the mood-setting theme from Suspiria, grabbed from Ghostcapital’s Horror Movie Compilations (there are FIVE parts!). Lots of spacey downtempo and tunes for the cool weather this week. DJ Orion’s Boobachero mix is deadly, and can only be represented in part here, so check out the whole thing. New Four Tet track is killer, as are the new Amon Tobin Cuts. I’m also very fond of Stefski’s steel drum infused remix of one of my favorite dancehall tracks of late, Stinkin Rich.



1. Goblin – Suspiria Theme

2. Amon Tobin – Twelveses

3. Moon-themed 60’s News recordings

4. Aiyeke and his Orchestra – Arise L’Arika

5. Amon Tobin – Delpher

6. Nickosemus-2Slips&Magic- Second Sky & Thomas Mix

7. Frikstailers-Bicho de Luz (Version TucuTucu)

8. El Hijo de la Cumbia – LatinNoPlastic

9.  KenyattaFire-LikeAGipsy

10. Orion – La Gata (Edit)

11. Sabbo feat. MC Zulu – Love Machine

12. Gappy Ranks – Stinkin Rich (Stefski remix)

13. Vybz KArtel feat. Russian – Straight Jeans and Fitted

14. Frikstailers – Dancehallete

15. NguzuNguzu – Strut

16. Spoek Mathambo feat. Zaki – Don’t Mean to be Rude

17. The XX – VCR Remix (Four Tet Remix)

18.  Space System – Nocturnal Remix

19. Virginia Among the Living Dead (Theme)

[art sourced from Super Punch]


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