Post-geographic Tropical

New York Tropical: A Guide

Rising Currents NYC

Don’t be afraid of the cyborg parrots, and never mind the Mariachis writing HTML in the corner. Here, in continued efforts to spread the love of the  New York Tropical Compilation, I made a quick ‘n dirty intro course to all things bouncing and happening in the scene. Remember that the global bass fad is global, and these are merely some of its participants who happen to be around NYC sometimes.  As always, the fetishization of non-Western cultures by an American art school radio station should absolutely be questioned. There have been enough words written about the white pursuit of black culture as a symbol of cool or masculinity that I don’t feel compelled to comment more. I will point you towards one of my favorite think-pieces on the more specific subject of how to take the current Global Bass umbrella term – over at Wayne & Wax.

Anyway, if nu-cumbia and ghettotech sound foreign to you (and not in that sense) then this is a goof place to start.


DOWNLOAD LINK (Aired November 16 2010)

1. Cee Lot Green – Fuck You

2. Uproot Andy – Brooklyn Cumbia

3. Unknown vintage cumbia

4. Mr. Vegas – Under mi Sensi feat. Alozade and Hollow Point

5. Fallou Dieng Biri Biri

6. Kode 9 – Black Sun

7. Treeline – It’s Alright

8. Team Shadetek – Brooklyn Anthem

9. DJ Reaganomics

10. 77Klash – Bounce

11. Chief Boima and Orion – Pa Las Mamasitas

12. Subatomic Sound system – NYC 2 Africa Mix

13. La Ola Kriminal – Sin Gas

14. Zuzuka Ponderosa – Entre e Sai (Bassanova Alien Disco Mix)

15. LG – I’m Feeling Funky

16. Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Kingdom Remix)

17. Uproot Andy – El Puchi Lockoff

18. Uproot Andy – Knuck if you Buck

19. Jahdan Blackamoore – Never Gonna Stop

20. Buraka Som Sistema – Restless

[Image from MoMA’s Rising Currents]


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