Post-geographic Tropical


press start for winter

Those of you trying to listen live this evening, we had some trouble at the station and the right people just weren’t there.  Hopefully next week will return us to proper broadcasting, but untill then your interest is still appreciated. So leave some comments and hang with the Okapi family. Instead I’ve got the night’s tracks mixed on my home PC – still live, but without the turntables and  board we have in the studio. Starts out quiet, but gets moving, maybe you’ll appreciate just having a long mix without interruptions.  Emphasis on the colder side of things, to fit the blustery weather we have in Brooklyn now. Lot’s of new gems, but I should mention the Daft Punk track from the upcoming Tron 3D extravaganza becasue they’re having a Daft Punk/Tron tribute party over at LPR on Saturday.. I hope there are lasers.  And J-Wow (of Buraka Som Sistema) who finishes out this mix with a surprisingly soothing sound, is playing at Santos on Saturday for a Trouble and Bass madhouse event, so check that out too.Stay warm everybody.


1. Local field recordings

2. Airhead – Paper Street

3. James Blake – Limit to Your Love

4. Outer Space – Deathless

5. Behag – Madhyra Laya Gat Treental

6. Daft Punk – End of Line

7. Challenger and De Tropix – People Dem Shouting

8. Samiyam – Bonus Mission

9. Martyn – Shook Up

10. Sirvan Perwer – Heybenin (Avatar edit)

11. Bassador – Operation Soul

12. Sub Swara – Vagabond Knowledge

13. Becoming Real – Showdown in Chinatown feat. Trim

14. Sbkrkt – Step in Shadows

15. Johnny Crash – ???

16. J Wow – River

[original image]


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