Post-geographic Tropical


Big, loud show tonight. Thanks to everyone who listened. We’ve got TWO tracks each from Mosca Verde, 2562, Stylo G and the week’s big showstoppers: A Tribe Called Red (Get their new album for FREE). Ontario-based DJ collective bringing the sounds of Native American music to the dancefloor… with lots of screaming. Turn it up, and enjoy the bounce between these hard noisy tracks and the usual tropical tunes like Mavado and Burundanga. Okapi out.



1. 2562 – Jerash Hekwerken

2. Wganda Kenya – Yoro (Burundanga Remix)

3. Blockhead – Smoke Signal

4. Mavado – Settle Down

5. 2562 – Nocturnal Drummers

6. Stylo G – Call me a Yardie (Sonora Remix)

7. A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Drum

8. A Tribe Called Red – Look at This

9. Mosca Verde – Freaky Gangsta

10. Fox Productions – Indian Wine Riddim

11. DJ Lovely feat. Arwee – Beng Beng

12. Lagartijeando – Aero Tinku

13. los pilaresdela creacion – Rostroso

14. Mosca Verde – Saur Globa remix

15. Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Knock by the Stairs

16. El Timbe – Un Pirata Soy (Remix)

17. Stylo G feat Warning Crew – More Ganja

[image via Scrappy Annie]

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