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Bmore Tropical

Just aired the first show on WICV. Should be online here tomorrow. For now I’m happy to revisit this track from tonight’s broadcast – Nina Simone’s slow n’ groovy Caribbean-tinged version of this city’s theme.

Okapi Returns


Okapi Sound System is returning to the ether-net. The show is now on another online freeform station based out of an art institution. Which means there are still no commercials, you can listen any where you want, and things will still get bouncing and weird. I am now located in Baltimore, so there will probably be less news about NYC, but who knows. The new time is MONDAY 8-9pm. Tune in over at

Long Live Okapi

The Okapi is dead. This show is no longer airing on Pratt Radio. I will keep the archives available and will potentially resume the show at a future date.



To fill the hours after the telescoping holiday buildup of the end of 2010, check out Boomkat’s Charts of last year.  I’ve been turned on to the epic King Night by Salem, and can similarly recommend Mount Kimbe, Zola Jesus and LA Vampires and the chart-topping Shangaan Electro as favorites. But there’s a TON of stuff I haven’t listened to yet, including the awesome list of musicians they have on call there. Go dig through some online crates people.

No Okapi for Xmas

Sorry I didn’t post a heads up last Tuesday, but Okapi Sound System is on hold while Pratt Radio does its thing between semesters. Hopefully things will be more reliable then, I’ll try to keep sharing tunes and news here and maybe post some mixes. To keep you warm during the NYC Blizzard 2010 here is DJ Zhao’s Ngoma 7 mix – holding it down with kuduro inflected tunes from all over. Dutty Artz is reinstating the NY Tropical Parties in February, so mark your calendars. More on that later. Where’s the party on New Years? I’ll look into it, but share your own plans. Peace out.

Holiday Throwdown


So here is the late show from Tuesday. I was once again foiled by Pratt Radio’s inherent disorganization, so this is another laptop mix sans proper equipment. I wanted to show respect to my choice of the year’s best tracks, but I ended up including some recent cuts just to keep things fresh for any regular listeners. 2010 was the year for Moombathon. It was also the year for Uproot Andy, who destroyed things with his remixes of two of the years biggest songs – making them EVEN BIGGER. His Abrazame edit by way of Gyptian’s Hold Yuh was the tune this summer, as was the original which was seemingly always playing out of passing cars in Brooklyn. We had the return of favorites like FlyLo and Four Tet with career defining new albums, both of which are featured here. Cumbia, Funky and other neo-non-western styles continued to rule the airwaves, and traditional dubstep died a slow and predictably hardcore death. But it’s the end of the year, and the start of 2011, which who knows what’s even going on then, I don’t look that far ahead on my calendars and neither should you. So check out the Okapi finale, last one for the semester as WPIR goes on holiday. Cheers, everyone!


1. The Boy Least Likely To – The Christmas Waltz

2. La Gart Jeando – Por El Pueblo

3. Jahdan Blakkamoore – All Comes Back to One

4. Zinja Hlungwani –  Nwagezani My Love

5. Food – Mictyris

6. Junior Kelly – Lots of Herb RMX

7.  Prince Zimbo – Santa Flaws

8. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Quick Money (DJ Theory Version)

9. Gappy Ranks – Stinkin Rich (Stefski Remix)

10. Natalie Storm – Bang Bang

11. Busy Signal – Jafrican Thing

12. Field Recording – World Cup 2010 Final

13. DJ Sbu – Vuvuzela Bafana

14. Four Tet – Love Cry

15. Black Coffee – Juju feat. Zakes Bantwini

16. Rita Indiana – Los Poderes

17.  Chief Boima – Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Remix)

18. Konono No. 1 – Wubanzanga

19. Bandish Projekt – Brown Skin Beauty

20. Matt Shadetek – Lily of The Valley

21. Flying Lotus – Nose Art

22. Orion – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos

23.  Jahdan Blakkamoore

24. Los Rakas – Abrazeme (Uproot Andy Remix)

25. Orion – Mal Creada (Orion & DJ Dus Edit)

26. Treeline – Snow Day

27. Drummers Of The Societe Absolument Guinin-  Mas Karon

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press start for winter

Those of you trying to listen live this evening, we had some trouble at the station and the right people just weren’t there.  Hopefully next week will return us to proper broadcasting, but untill then your interest is still appreciated. So leave some comments and hang with the Okapi family. Instead I’ve got the night’s tracks mixed on my home PC – still live, but without the turntables and  board we have in the studio. Starts out quiet, but gets moving, maybe you’ll appreciate just having a long mix without interruptions.  Emphasis on the colder side of things, to fit the blustery weather we have in Brooklyn now. Lot’s of new gems, but I should mention the Daft Punk track from the upcoming Tron 3D extravaganza becasue they’re having a Daft Punk/Tron tribute party over at LPR on Saturday.. I hope there are lasers.  And J-Wow (of Buraka Som Sistema) who finishes out this mix with a surprisingly soothing sound, is playing at Santos on Saturday for a Trouble and Bass madhouse event, so check that out too.Stay warm everybody.


1. Local field recordings

2. Airhead – Paper Street

3. James Blake – Limit to Your Love

4. Outer Space – Deathless

5. Behag – Madhyra Laya Gat Treental

6. Daft Punk – End of Line

7. Challenger and De Tropix – People Dem Shouting

8. Samiyam – Bonus Mission

9. Martyn – Shook Up

10. Sirvan Perwer – Heybenin (Avatar edit)

11. Bassador – Operation Soul

12. Sub Swara – Vagabond Knowledge

13. Becoming Real – Showdown in Chinatown feat. Trim

14. Sbkrkt – Step in Shadows

15. Johnny Crash – ???

16. J Wow – River

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No show tonight… and I forgot to warn you. I’ll try to up another minimix or maybe something more extensive.

Celebration Mini-mix

Here’s a fresh little mix to make up for the canceled show this week. Jam out. Have a good holiday, if you’re in America, and in to that kind of thing.

1. Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Nena feat. Catar_sys
2. Villa Diamante – Los Pericos vs 6Blocc
3. Lady Chann – Treble To Your Bass
4. Banana Clipz – ????

No Show Tomorrow

broken radio


But I’ll find something juicy to post instead (Pratt is on fall break this week).

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