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The usual mix of hot and breezy beats today, on the occasion of New York Tropical’s release.  I already mentioned the unstoppable power that is AfroCubism, so you should have already gotten down on that. Other notables here include one of several killer remixes of Combination – a melodic stomper from West Africa made all the more fun by its wide range of remix agents. The new DJ/Rupture track is supurb as expected, I don’t know anything about the singer but will definitely be fixing that soon. Very beautiful textures of guitars and warble bass mixing with her cloudy vocals.  And finally there is madhouse track Like I See It by Jah Cure, Rick Ross and Mavado. HEAVY. Get listening.

And here is where you can buy Debruit’s new EP and support Haitian relief efforts.


1. Afrocubism – Mali Cuba

2. ShantiRoots – Cumbia Nightlife (Monte Laa Remix)

3. Chief Boima – Aunty Adoley

4. Various Hiplife from Akwaaba

5. Kontext – No More Room in Hell

6. Jali Barkary Konte – Combination (Hat and Hoodie Remix)

7. Brad Allstars – Jah Station Dub

8. Luisa Maita – Lero Lero (DJ/Rupture Remix)

9. Debruit – Souvenir

10. Negril To Kingston City – Mi Nuh Waa Dat feat. Tami Chynn

11. Yolanda Be Cool – Por Americana (MC Caco Remix)

12. Locos Por Juana – Plato O Plomo Remix

13. Jah Cure, Rick Ross and Mavado – Like I See It

14. Stereotyp – Big Flows

15. Nas – One Mic (PVG Remix)

16. Sub Swaraa – Bend You


[Art by Matthew Cusick]



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